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Flexible Tripod Fan

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Searching for a good stroller fan to cool your baby down this summer? You must get this Flexible Tripod Fan!

⭐ Love how versatile the Flexible Tripod Fan is!

You can use the Flexible Tripod Fan on strollers, at home and at your office! It can be used standing on flat surfaces like tables, hand held, and wrap around anything like strollers and handles!

Flexible Tripod Fan

You can customize your wind speed with the click of a button. 4 wind speeds are available for you to choose from!

⭐ Love how baby-friendly the Flexible Tripod Fan is!

No need to worry about your baby's fingers touching the blades, cause this Flexible Tripod Fan is bladeless! 

It also features a low-noise motor which makes it suitable for night use too! At 20-30db (quieter than an air conditioner), your baby will definitely sleep through it! 

⭐ Oh so convenient!

The Flexible Tripod Fan features 130° auto-rotation. You don't have to worry about adjusting the angles.

At 401g, it is pretty lightweight to take out on travels!

⭐ No need to worry about running out of battery!

With the 3600mAh large capacity battery, you can use the Flexible Tripod Fan wirelessly for up to 12 hours long! (Duration may vary depending on external factors like ambient temperature and choice of mode used). 

Get this Flexible Tripod Fan now!

Battery capacity: 3600mAH
Material: ABS/PC/Silicone/Electronic components
Size: 43.3"x4.3"x10.4" (110cmx11cmx26.3cm)
Weight: 0.9lb (401g)
Press and hold the button to turn it on. 
Charging time: about 3.5 hours fully charged
Power: 6W
Voltage: 4.2V

Package includes:
1 x Mini desktop fan
1 x USB cable
1 x Manual