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Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

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Feeling stressed out? Get this natural stress reliever - Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp!

🛋️ Love how it can take away your stress! 

Feeling stressed? Switch your lamp on and let the cleaned air and unique lighting take your mind off your stresses

Two light modes are available. Warm white, and slow colorful changing lights. 

Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

🛋️ Be assured that you're breathing in quality air through natural methods! 

Made of natural salt crystal from the Himalayan mountains, this Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp heats the natural salt crystals, emitting a large amount of negative ions to effectively improve the air quality by absorbing dust, cleansing the air and purifying it. 

The improved air quality will enhance overall breathing, reduce asthma and allergies, alleviate of coughing and other symptoms associated with the common cold.

🛋️ Exceptional quality!

Salt rocks are harvested from Himalayas. Every salt is going to be different and unique, and thus, each Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp is individually handcrafted and unique.

Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp

Get this Mini USB Himalayan Salt Lamp now!

Container Size: 3.94"x3.54"x3.54" (10cmx9mx9cm)
Salt Size: approx. diameter 0.79"-1.18" (2-3cm) (Because it is naturally harvested, every piece will be irregular.)
Salt Stone Quantity: appprox.15-20pcs
Power Supply: USB Charging (Can also be used while charging)
USB Cable Length: 39.4" (1m)
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Charging Time: approx. 3 hours
Working Time: warm white 10 hours; colorful gradient 8 hours