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Shower Scrub Set

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Looking for a quick way to pamper yourself at home? Get this Shower Scrub Set!

🛁Love that you can pamper yourself 360 degrees! 🛁

Get smooth, healthy and shiny skin all around with this Shower Scrub Set. The set contains a back scrubber (to reach the hardest part of your body), an exfoliating mitten and a loofah (for the rest of your body). 

You can remove dirt, clogged pores, dry and dead skin on every part of your body! It helps to relieve itching caused by dry skin accumulation, help promote blood circulation,

The back scrubber helps to eliminate and prevent back acne too!

Get your Shower Scrub Set now!


A set includes 1 back scrubber, 1 exfoliating mitten and 1 loofah.

Machine washable

Back scrubber 33.5"x3.6" (85cm x 9.1cm)
Exfoliating mitten 9"x5.5" (22.9cm x 14cm)
Loofah 4.8"x4.8" (12.2cm x 12.2cm)

Note: Please allow for slight difference due to measurement conversion.